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"I've had friends that have been to other colleges, I've heard what they do and how it is done, nothing compares to this. This program will turn you into a true firefighter, push your limits, as well as give you excellent situations for interviews."
Professional Firefighter Training
"I attended the Ontario Fire Academy in September 2011. I had tossed around the idea of a few fire colleges before deciding on OFA. While searching for the perfect college, I found that no other school offered what OFA offered. The Ontario Fire Academy was one of the only schools I found that really prepared you for the real world of working in a fire department. Not only did you learn the theory and practical skills of actual firefighting, but you learned how to live like a firefighter. OFA prepared you for the parts of the job that you couldn't learn in a text book, or directly from an instructor. During the 12 week period I was at OFA we were forced to cook, clean, train, study and get along as a group; as a family. This taught me more about the fire department than anything else. I am honoured to say that I am a recent hire with the City of Brampton Fire department. The Ontario Fire Academy not only gave the knowledge to become the best firefighter I can be but it also taught me what is expected of a firefighter in the fire department and I am succeeding in my position because of it."
Professional Firefighter Training
"I could not have asked for a better experience. The Ontario Fire Academy was not only instrumental in obtaining a career with Brampton Fire Department, but also in gaining the skills to better myself as a firefighter. Chief Larry Matlashewski's experience and knowledge of the fire service is second to none. He shares the same passion with all the training officers to help each student to excel, succeed and reach their full potential."
Professional Firefighter Training
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