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Duty, Honour, Service


Training Firefighters for over 14 years, the Ontario Fire Academy (OFA) was created to provide recruits not only with the skills required to be a firefighter, but to also instill the discipline, values, and ethos required to enter a profession of service.

OFA had the vision to replicate a working firehouse and create a place for every kind of learner. While training to become a career firefighter, recruits can actively participate in all other facets of the job; this includes doing station chores, cooking, and responding to mock emergency calls throughout their stay at the academy. For the entire time recruits are at the academy, they are expected to act as professionals and respect the chain of command as if they were working Firefighters.

At the Ontario Fire Academy (OFA), we believe that our style of training provides recruits with a better understanding of what it really means to become part of a fire department.

By bringing in real-life scenarios and simulated environments, OFA gives students exactly what they need so they know exactly what it’s like when they’re out in real firefighting situations. You’ll learn about safety rules as well as fire fighting techniques through training videos, worksheets, classroom lectures, and hands-on physical applications.

Since OFA’s inception in 2008, OFA has trained over 2,000 firefighters and has had some incredible success stories. OFA has ensured that each step along your path to becoming a firefighter will meet you halfway by integrating hands-on learning into our training.


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